Can I please go back?

I really want to live on a farm feeling house. I want my neighbors to be a little more 30 feet away. I want to have some chickens in my backyard. I want to be able to walk outside, go the hen house or whatever it’s called and get my eggs and then bring them back in and have some fresh eggs. I’m not saying I want to live away from town or civilization but I seriously want to have like a good 1/2 acre of land to live on.

I was at my adopted families house for Easter. It’s the second year I’ve gone up for Easter.  They live about 15 minute out of town on a couple acres. I love it there. I love the feel of the country. I love the idea of having chickens (oh, i have to bring in my 3 dozen eggs.) I love the thought of having my future kiddos running around and having space to do so. I love the idea of having my own garden where I can grow everything except tomatoes ’cause they are gross.

My dream may be a long time down the road but until then—- Can I go back to Twin Falls?

Pictures of the brand new pups to come as soon as I unload the car but it’s raining. pah.

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