As I prepare for my trek north,

My itunes just switched to a song called “rape me” by nirvana. I’m not sure how that got in my itunes but I’m not sure I’m too pleased with that decision on itunes part.

I have two dogs. It’s a nut house now. I’ve lowered my bed because the lovely Zeo cannot jump on the bed nor can jump off of it or else he’d commit doggy suicide. You know, I’m not a fan of the word suicide. It just brings bad memories up that I don’t face. No, I did not try nor have I ever thought about it. But back to my nut house. I’m packing for the animals right now. 8 cups of food, dental bones, treats, and much much more. Goodness. They are handfuls. But I sure love them. Zeo gives me kisses and sleeps at the bottom of the bed and Macie has decided that my pillow and the body pillow are her pillows so now, I get to sleep without my pillow. Sure is nice *cracks neck*.. 🙂

I want nice shoulders. I want the look of moving my arms and having the muscles move around. I’m supposed to be creating a playlist for my drive up north but I don’t know what music I am in the mood for.

Ah. Any good thoughts?

Off to go pack. Meh.


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