Aren’t you lucky?

This is my homework assignment: Pick 3 Characteristics that you think describe your partner. Then describe it.

So. Since I don’t have a partner, I made mine up. teehee, I seem to do that a whole bunch. But anywhoo.

There is a huge list of 72 things that I can choose from.

1. Handsome:

2. Protective:

3. Understanding:

Now, I’m supposed to provide an instance. Haha. Another story in my mind.

1. Handsome: I just love the way you hold yourself, like confidence, personalitiy and everything wrapped up into one giant bundle of handsome-ness.

2. Protective: I am very appreciative that you always check to make sure I got where I was going safely. I am appreciative that you always make sure the doors are locked when we are in the car.

3. Understanding: I don’t always describe what is going on in my mind correctly but you always sit there patiently while I figure out the words while holding back the laughter.

Now, I am supposed to talk about how “he” responded to me telling him all this blah blah blah stuff.

sg;lsdhgfld;gfdlkjhgdfjkhgkjrthjfdsf. He smiled. Is that enough to say?

I cannot make that up on my blog. Too dang embarrassing. I am a big fibber. 🙂


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