A friend made me think.

One of my best friends just got back from Mexico. I am so jealous.d She's so brown.
I told her that we might not be able to be best friends because of her tan. I'll
look albino compared to her. I guess I'm not that white, but man, I feel white.
When's the sun and 70 degree weather going to be here? I can't wait.
Come my way, Sun! Oh, and this best friend knows Jon Schmidt. I just kind of
begged her to get him to play love story meets viva la vida for my birthday.
:) I publicly said it, Victoria!! Hahah!! We are going to go to one of his concerts
next month!!! Yahoo!!

So I was talking with my married sister, who isn't blood sister but we've adopted
each other and she was setting me up with these two guys, they are best friends but
they will be down in Utah in MAY! I'm not sure if I think these guys are cute but
it will be May and I will be out of school and having fun either way. And they think
I'm hott. Haha. That made me giggle.


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