My Song

Jon Schmidt would be the perfect male species if he wasn’t married, old and wore glasses.


Love Story Meets Viva La Vida

The piano warms my heart. I thought the guitar did but I was wrong, guitar does warm my heart but the piano makes me…..

I melt.

A hot guy playing this song to me will win me over in an instant, I think if I heard the first few chords, I’d be in heaven and probably would be saying “marry me?”

Add some good biceps and any guy would be golden.
Add a good voice. Oh man.

4 thoughts on “My Song

  1. I love Jon Schmidt! He has played at my house. Twice. Talk about good seats for a concert! And this song is pretty much the best ever. I wish he could publish the piano music for it! I’d be all over it.

      1. Because coldplay won’t give him the rights! he actually had to take down the song off of his website because of it. But I downloaded it before that so it is on my ipod!! Want it?

      2. I actually downloaded it. I seriously want the sheet music for it, at least love story because holy, it melts my heart.
        you know the spot I took you and becca? yes? well add that song to my perfect night and I will be swooning over the most stupid idiot on the block. 🙂

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