I so funny. I so cute. I had bad dreams.

For awhile now, I haven’t be able to remember my dreams. Blessing or a curse, I don’t know but last night I remembered my dream, okay I remember a dream I had.

I was somewhere, I don’t know where but I was in this room, it had a couch but as I was walking around in this room, the couch was in the center of the room, bizarre and there was this lizard that lived in a shell. Holy Hannah. This lizard was CRAZY!!!!!!! It chased me around the room and it tongue kept stinging me!!! Ah. It hurt like the dickens. I finally got to that door that would let me out and a MERCAT popped up and escaped out of the door with me, but not before that stupid lizard stung me more.

I even have a mark from this stupid lizard bite on my arm. Okay, maybe it is a freckle, but it’s still a mark!


I’d rather not remember my dreams if I have to have crazy freaky ones that prove I do indeed have some sort of issues and need to go to the insane people’s house. See, now I have this bedtime song going through my head as if it’s sung to me in my dreamland which I never remember my dreams from. I would say it’s the phantom of the opera song but I know it has been sung to me at least once before, when I was sick and a good friend sung it to me but I was kind of out of it so I don’t exactly remember it but I remember falling asleep to it, or trying to.

Check me into LDS Hospital Please, I think I am insane.

So now, I’m blogging in my bed and my feet are numb and tingly and I’ll leave you with this cute image. I am so funny. I have jokes. Muhaha Happy weekend. I start stinking school on Monday again. I have homework to do. I hate it. Mahhh. Why me? Cause I procrastinate. But my parents come to town on Monday and then I leave on Thursday night for Twin Falls!!!

I am so stinking excited. Can you sense the excitement cause I’m so excited? Oh yeah, deal with it, yo.

P.S. I am getting a new FRIDGE!! HOLY HAPPY HANNAH!


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