Basically, I want to off myself.

Good start to a blog, right? My mom is gonna be recieving calls “your daughter is sucidal.”

Heck not. I ain’t sucidal, I’m just a crampy grumpy pmsing girl. When did I get this way?

Man. My back hurts. Never. Have. I. Had. Back. Cramps. IN. MY. LIFE.

Stupid stupid stupid.

Gosh. Darn. It.

No. I am not in the mood for your antics, dog. I do not want to chase you down the street where you almost get hit by a car. Are you an idiot?

Don’t answer that please. I thought I raised you smarter then that.

Eh. Maybe, I’ll crawl into bed and wake up and it will be tomorrow. Oh wait, I’ll have to get up every few hours.

See, now do you see why the title starts off stating that I basically want to off myself? Cause I’m even grumpy to myself!!!

For the record, I am not suicidal nor have I ever been. Just very very grumpy. 🙂

My hair is a mess too. WHYYY!!!!!

Lock the doors. I am not going to the nutter house. I am sane as a cracker.

Goodnight. Again.


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