Texts. Fun. Right?

Me to Carly: I’m just heading home but i’m going to be climbing right into bed. Love yah, sleep good. Talk to you tomorrow. I sound like I’m dating you. Oh, freak.

As you can tell I’m not climbing right into bed. Lies I send I tell you.

Me to Jessica: Holy snap. when did i become the adult (Just added this in—hahah, very funny, the adult part. ha.) who has more in common with mommys then college kids? Shoot, where is freaking mister right who will save me from being the 5th wheel.

Another one to Jessica: I’m getting quite pissed at this future spouse of mine. Where the hell heck is he?

Yet another one to Jessica: Eh. And I am starting my period as I freaking text. Life sucks. I’ve gained weight. (I left a part out.) I’m a mess.

Yet another another one to Jessica: and gasy. Hell. Heck.

Oh here is yet another one to Jessica: And obama is still president. Bloody Hell, Heck. Hell, Heck is my word.

Oh, freaking fab-u-lous, None of my best friends responded to these texts messages either. BLOODY HELL HECK.

Freaking gosh darn it. What is the dealo yo? I dunno. But all I know is that i’m crampy (LOTS OF DRUGS ARE MY FRIENDS TONIGHT, I don’t know why that was bold but I am too tired to go back and fix it but it emphasizes that I really am in pain), tired, moody and just kinda in that weird funk, you know me in the weird funk. Where I can just keep typing and be the belle of the ball in my underwear and my fuzzy blanket and shirt.

Well, actually, I don’t find myself that funny but indeed, I can get an audience to pee their pants in my presence. Maybe it takes a little tickling but you never know.

Man, newlyweds are home. Ear plugs.

Haha, very funny. Bite me.

I will delete this post tomorrow sometime, if I am in any conscience state that I said I was gasy on the world wide web or that I said hell multiple times or if the secret service or some other member of the obama’s team comes to my door and demands that this post get taken down. Other then that, it will most likely stay up.

Enjoy making fun of me. I enjoy making fun of myself and sometimes you, well mostly you but hey, it’s life. You take what you can get, right?

Post finished: 1:05 A Freaking M.

Yes, texts are fun when you GET RESPONSES.

O-tay, I woked up at stupid 8:00 on the dot in the morning with a bad back pain and you know, cramps that make you want to vomit. Joy? I think not.

But I had text messages!!! So the saga continues:

J 2 C: Are you drunk?

J 2 C: I threw up nine times and my throat is on fire. My hands are clamy. And I was just cracking up at your blog. And I’m not drunk or have drank anything but water. tthis is the perfect top to the week 🙂 I’m hopping next week will be better.

J 2 C: I do think I took one too many fever pills the trainer gave me 😦

And Victoria, my best friend here in SLC sent this: Bye Darling!! Love you! I’ll miss you!!

So two out of three best friends sent me texts messages to wake up too!! I love life.

I’m climbing back into bed. I’m not ready to be a participating member of society yet. Especially with my sumo wrestler hair.

Peace, yo.

P.S. I would rather you not be my best friend ’cause you don’t keep an enemy closer then you could throw and no offense, I couldn’t throw you very far, heck, I couldn’t throw a tennis ball that far either. My biceps only like about 50 pounds of weight to carry or however much Jocey weighs, I pick her up while walking and throw on my hip. No I’m not having hip problems anymore. Shesh.

My guns will be bigger, yo. I’m going to start dreaming about sexy biceps and then wha-la, they will be big.

Goodnight. I think I’ve embarrassed myself enough for the day.

Fashion place mall, shopping with a preggos gal and my pal. If I can pull it together.

Shut up, brain.


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