The brat in me. Top cars I dislike.

I’m starting out my top cars that I sincerely dislike. 
First car:

Yeah, it gets good gas mileage but it’s so stinking ugly. I was behind a black one and it took all my strength not to run it over because it is ugly, it ain’t got no alibi.  Even this cute flower can’t make the car look decent. AND the removable top, HELLO, gag me, kill me and bury me in my back yard. I think it could be arranged.
Second Car:
My parents owned this vehicle. My sister drove it and then I decided that I would never drive this car. It’s just funky looking. I have been in one.
Third Car:
Copy cat. Ugly. Need I say more?
Fourth Car:
The cube is more like a baseball cap. Gosh.
Fifth Car:
The outback. Man. It’s nothing physically wrong, I just dislike it.
Sixth Car:
Another ugly baseball cap. Yuck. 
There are more ugly cars but it really is just my opinion. I don’t know want to know what these car companies will create in the years to come. Some are just horrendous.

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