Latest Projects

I’m into projects. I’m into crafts. You have to hold me back from going into Hobby Lobby or else I’ll spend my entire paycheck there.
Check out my two latest crafts!!
Oh yes, that is a star decorated in paper. Love it. It is so cute. 
Yes, I did the lettering myself. Whose a big girl? That would be me, myself and I.
I ran out of alligator clips for my hair clips I make so I ran to Scary Ville (ie west valley) and went to Sally’s, which is the one closest to me, how is that possible? I normally shop at Ed Wyse (too die for hair product store, where I get my hair dye and stuff) but out here in this state called Utah, we don’t have my friend, Ed Wyse. 
The point of this story was West Valley isn’t scary during the day but at night, man oh man, give me my pepper spray and I’ll run outta there. Scary Ville is like North Everett and Muk Town combined. I even got whistled out.  This was and hopefully is the last time I will ever go to Scary Ville. Ship my alligator clips to me, please.
Never will you catch me living in Scary Ville, Kearns, T-ville or Sandy. 
Salt Lake City and South Jord and daybreak are the three places that I will live, ever in the valley of Utah. Who knows, maybe I’ll retire to Moab?

Oh man, don’t quote me on that. My biggest fear will come true one day if I state that I will never live there.


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