Two blogs= drafts now

Blog Stalker and Family: You are making me crazy. 
Mission accomplished? I think so.
Quit Spying on Me!
XOXO, Courtney

My blog post in the works: Top Cars That I Hate!
My next next blog post: Baby names that make me want to puke.
My next next next blog post:  Top Favorite Beauty Products.
Oohhh… maybe another post will be best ways to flatter your face with your part of the hair. My thoughts, always better on the side but I’ll look it up, that way I’m learning too.

Check this out, I’m posted on Letter to Crushes

Figure out which one is me. Pretty easy to tell, i’d think.

I love this one:


You are really the only person I could see myself having a life with. I’ve never been interested in marriage or children, but for some reason it all makes sense if I just add you to the picture.
I realize that we’re going different places and will likely never see each other again after a few months. I hope I find someone else I’m willing to share my life with, and I wish for nothing less for you.


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