oy va. oh lanta.

Two posts in one day, you must be darn stinking lucky or else I’m just darn stinking bored. I am so excited for the end of this month. It’s going to be AMAZING!!!

Jessica, remember Cracker the dog on crack? She’s having pups at the end of this month! AND GUESS WHERE I AM GOING!!!!!!!!!

Yes. Can you tell I am excited? I get to get out of this lame state even if it is for 2.5 days and rock it in Twin Falls. 
3 full weeks. I don’t know if I can stand this excitement! That means Zeo, my other sweet little (fat) dog will be here with me! I love him to pieces.
I have two children. Their names are Macie and Zeo. Never have I been a girl for calling your pets your children but I am one for calling these two my babies. 
What to do about my frogs, Froggy and Jumpy. I renamed them because Courtney and (So and So’s name) didnt sound cute. 
Okay. I’m already thinking about what to bring on my little trip to Twin Falls.
Sweats, Jeans, Long Sleeve shirts, Crocs, tennis shoes, underwear, All in an overnight bag.

Oh, I can’t forget fuzzy. 

Who is fuzzy may you ask? Well. Yes. I am a 20 year old who has a comfort blanket. It has been retired but now, my dear friends and psycho stalkers, it is the thing that hides me from seeing THAT terrible horrible no good very bad face at night, so thus, it must go to twin falls, along with my pillow.

No, I do not sleep with the blanket, are you crazy? It is Macie’s comfort blanket too. She sleeps on it. Gosh.

Calm yourself and don’t go telling your friends about my sweet fuzzy green blanket. 

Anywho, who would want to believe that a 20 year old still has a trusted blanket? You’d just sound like a crazy person stalking someones blog.


2 thoughts on “oy va. oh lanta.

  1. oh shut it. she only would poke her head in to see you, but you have to remember I WAS THERE TOO!!!!! lol. She knows me too, as odd as that is. She's just a little uhmm weird… kinda like other people we know of. 🙂

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