I am calm. I am calm.

Never have I wanted to solve a problem with punching someone in the face but with this one person, I hope I never speak to again because I could just deck them in their big nose and then punch their flabby gut and run away laughing. I can see me doing that, too. Haha. That is the sad part. Jessica, Victoria, can you see me doing it too?

That emotion is a new one to me. I am saying “I am calm” and it’s just not working. I honestly hope this person doesn’t still look at my blog but if they do, they’d be sure to know it’s about them.

Oh, P.S. I still have a stupidly broken xbox that has names dance across the name which even ignites a more hositle attitude on my side. THEN, I go to my wii and THAT PICTURE haunts me. 

I am calm.

Today, I was down in South Jordan, west side of the freeway, and my cousin and i were talking about boob lifts and tummy tucks. I’m not sure that I’m fully opposed to having a lift and tuck after kids.

What do you think?

I am calm. I am collected. I am going to go shower.


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