So, ya’ll know I’m blunt, rude and honest. I might as well take a stand for what I believe in and use it to my advantage.

In my preparing for eternal marriage class, which by the way is AMAZING, we were talking about debt. I think debt is stinking ridiculous. How stupid can people be to being living outside their means.

I understand debt for schooling, debt for a modest house, debt for a modest car but other debt, I really don’t understand.

Debt for schooling: because it is helping you with your education which in the long run will help you with $$$.
Debt for a modest house: no one needs a mansion if they can’t afford it. Buy a home that you can afford to do the payments on.
Debt for a modest car: by no means am I saying people should be in a machine that endangers their life but you don’t need to go out and by the $30,000 car when you don’t have a down payment for it and you don’t have savings for it and your job isn’t stable. OR you have a car that runs perfectly fine and is in good condition.

When a couple goes into debt for stupid reasons, it’s pathetic.

There is a difference between earning the money to buy that car and just going out, taking a loan and then paying the payments. It’s instant gratification.

Do you think that you will cherish this car more or less?

Do you think you will spend the hours cleaning it like you would if you put months into saving for that Jeep Commander, fully loaded with leather seats, sunroof and the navigation system? No. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t because I wouldn’t have spent the time sweating and earning the $$ to buy my dream vehicle that would make me appreciate the vehicle more.

Money is one of the top reasons people get a divorce.  I never want my marriage to end because I or future sexy beast were too stupid to control our finances and got into debt.

Top 5 things for avoiding $$ stress in marriage:
1. Pay Tithing.
2. Live within your means. Stupid heads, don’t buy that golf cart when you don’t even live on a golf course. Don’t buy that car when you are living off the government. Don’t increase your phone bill when you don’t got the job to pay for it.
3. Avoid debt like the plague. Don’t buy that sweet Chevrolet corvette, yellow, z06 when you don’t have the money to pay for it, SAVE SAVE SAVE. Oh and the next c7 models will be sexier.
4. Communication
       -Make a list of everything you want, then combine your two lists together and blend them and                 then get rid of everything that is the unnecessary wants.
       – Budget.
5. We haven’t got there yet.

Okay, now that I’ve spoken my idea about what I think about debt, here’s what I am going to do to fight that for me personally.

I want to start a budget. I want to have a good habit of saving the extra money that I should not and do not want to spend.

When I get married, I want a spouse who has a good head on his shoulders when it comes to money. I want a budget for our little family. Even if we aren’t struggling, I want to be able to always have a good amount of savings in our savings account.

I will always be a honest tithe payer.

I do not ever want to get into debt when I or we know that it is a ridiculous purchase or choice to buy.

I want to cherish the things I have. If I cherish them, I will get the most out of each of item. I want to use them until they break.

I have this tv, yes it’s smaller then my computer screen, but I have had this tv since I was 12 years old. I remember the Christmas I got my tv. I cant tell you exactly how old I was but I remember my sisters’ name was on this big box. That sister had just left and I was like “Dad, Mom, Shanna left her present.”  Their response “Well, why don’t you open it for her?” So I opened my tv. I probably screamed with excitement.  Okay, but I tell you this because I’ve been made fun of for having this 13 inch tv screen. Who cares if it’s smaller then my computer screen? I don’t. It works and it will continue working because it’s my special Christmas tv. I’ve wanted a new tv but hearing this lesson on debt, it made me realize that I need to respect and cherish this tv. If I want a new tv, I’ll save the money for it but there are other things that I need. So, it’s a little small. I can see the screen still. Once I can’t see the screen, I’ll get my glasses out.

Until the screen stays black, I will use my dear ole tv. 🙂

P.S. Lovely date night tonight. Cheesecake Factory and shopping and a movie.  Fashion Place Mall, 6 PM. How did I get so lucky?

P.S.S. This is my feeling on debt. If you have debt, that is your choice and I respect that. I won’t judge you about it. For me, it’s ridiculous and that’s where I stand. 🙂

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