Life’s good.

Life is great. Embrace it. Don’t suffocate those you love.  Don’t ruin the friendships that you so dearly need them. Don’t let the leeches suck the good out of you either.

I’ve finally embraced the chance of having stalkers. I’ve opened my facebook up once again. Free and unblocked. It’s liberating not to be looking over my shoulder.  If I do, I’m glad they waste their time on little ole me (I like being able to say little ole me, cause I am little =P). I don’t think I am that interesting but apparently, I am hilarious and I dig my funny side now.

Want to laugh with me along the way to finding the sexy beast of a man? I would enjoy your company.

One of my best friends and I were playing and we saw this girl that I had become friends with but hadn’t seen in 4 years and when my friend saw the girl, this is horrible, stop reading if you don’t want to be offended, but the girl supposedly weighs 200 at like 5’2. I can’t speak about her weight because I am 5’5 and about 55 pounds under that but by no means am I skinny.

But when my friend saw this old pal, she was like “no wonder this girl ended the friendship because she was jealous of you.” I held my head low so the old pal wouldn’t see me but I was like “What? why was she jealous?” My friend was like “She’s so round compared to you, plus you are a hottie.”

So. That is my life in a rude nut shell.
I was going to apologize but I really am not sorry because someone called me a hottie. booyah. bet ya’ll don’t hear that everyday. 🙂


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