Dream Wedding.

So my best friend and I are talking about our dream weddings. She doesn’t believe she will get married and I on the other hand believe that I will get married. And that she will to but it will just be the “I told you so” moment when she shows me that she is engaged.

This is my dream ring.
No overstock rings for me.
I want the real “lets go in the store, try it on and then buy it.”
This is my dress. It’s already set in stone. Like it or not, I’m wearing it one day.

White and Red Roses, please.

Location: Nauvoo Temple

Do I really have to?
Fine, they will be red, black and white. Simple.

Whose invited to Nauvoo?
Parents of Bride and Groom.
Friends who want to fly to Nauvoo.
Nichole and Travis.
Abagail and Michael.
Katrina and Adam.

As for reception?
There is none.
But come one come all. 
It’s going to be a dinner.
It’s going to be outside.
It’s gonna be chill.
There will be twinky lights around the yard.
Flowers also.
It’s just going to be friends gathering to celebrate the new life of
Mr and Mrs. Terry, cause I don’t know his name.
And ’cause I don’t like things being all about me.

Is it wrong that I don’t want gifts, just $$$?
I have kitchen stuff. I have bathroom towels.
Just give me the $$ so I can buy this house that I reside in.

Fine, I’m greedy.
But it is all about me.

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