Okay. So you want to know about my life?

What is there to tell? I’m loud, obnoxious, and crazy. I am a lover, a fighter, a cuddler, a brat, a friend, a daughter and probably many more things.  I am also very stubborn. For the past month or two, I’ve been holding on to something or rather someone. This someone is very unhealthy for me.

We haven’t spoken or see each other in a month. Glorious!! But I’ve still been holding on to the “WHAT IF’S.”  I have a very imaginative mind. I like to think the worst is about to come and I’m a dreamer. So I’ve been holding on to the what ifs. It’s been so frustrating. Ask my bestys, cause they sure know it has.

But Friday, I heard a song. Haven’t met you yet. Michael Buble. Didn’t think to much about it except for the fact it was a good song. Then for the rest of the night I heard it probably 6 times, not even kidding.

Then today at wonderful church, I kept spotting the two ATTRACTIVE men. Oh my.

I’ve also been thinking about my high school crush a lot, the crush is still there, He is so cute. Oh gosh, please don’t read my blog, red head man.

But on my way home, I realized, I finally realized what I knew to be true but wasn’t able to fully understand it or accept it.

I haven’t met him yet but he is out there. It was so comforting to realize it and I was grateful that the Lord was giving me these “hints” to help me realize it. I’m always one who has to have something tangible to say “Look.” and now I have that. Maybe no one else will understand but I do and I’m so grateful that I finally realized it and I won’t ever forget it.

Man. Now. I can rest easy. If only I could tune out the extra voice in my head. You are emotionally draining me.  How do you tune out the extra voices?


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