It’s Saturday night and we are partying.

I’m a candle girl.
I love candles.
I have tons of tea lights and their holders around my house.
I have right now as we speak 8 regular candles going.

I have a jetted tub, which I love and a window with a ledge.
My favorite nights are the nights I fill the tub with bubbles, light the bathroom up with candles and put on some Jack Johnson tunes and relax.

Tonight is the grunge night. It’s the night of sweats, pony tails and ice cream with blankets and a movie.

It’s a night for girls to talk about their crushes. The cute ones at that. The ones who make your stomach go flip flop whenever they say something sweet or when you talk about how you turned them down because you don’t do emotions well but you still remember the outfit they were wearing when it happened (blue jeans, blue firefighter shirt that my brother gave him and slippers).

Crush talking time.

=) Macie, Winston, Victoria and I are gonna go party.

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