It’s Fast Sunday

Nothing like introducing this post as “Hi, I’m mormon.” which I just did.

But anywhoo, I just got back from 3 hours of heels, skirts and slips and church clothes.
Like I said, It is fast Sunday. The day where embarrassing stomach growls are heard throughout the building. The day were the drinking fountain is almost always dry and the day were you get up to bear your testimony from the pulpit in Sacrament.

Let me go back to Sunday School (oh yes, my ward times are flipped, lovely student wards). There was one of the most attractive men in our class. It truly impresses me when a guy is smart. Not like earns a lot of $$$$ but he can answer almost any question for you (maybe my questions are really easy). This guy, he caught my eye because first off, his looks, secondly, he was Old Testament smart. He had great insights into Jacob and Leah and Rachel and he always then and there could have swept me off my feeties. A kiss would have sealed the deal.

So we move on to Sacrament and I’m keeping my eye out on this cute scripture savvy cutie when another cutie gets up and bears his testimony. I kinda had the perfect spot. Back row but clear shot of the pulpit and no one blocking my view. Basically, we had a starring contest. Don’t know his name but surely, he is one cutie that I will get to know. Oh, yeah, as I was walking out, we made eye contact once again. BAM, BABY!

So now, when I say my ward has no cute men bring up blue tie man and jeff. It will make me go weak in the knees.


Happy Sunday Everyone!!

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