You probably remember the day.


Tonight, I was with my girlfriends. We talked about boys. We talked about hair. We talked about make-up. We planned what were are going to do for our 21st birthdays. It has been decided that since me and one of my good friends turn 21 within two weeks of each other that we are going to go to Vegas. Not to gamble or drink or anything that you could do when you turn 21 but we are going there to go to the shops. One of my sisters went there for her birthday and she got stuff from the Juicy Shop!!

Oh yah, i’m jealous. except she got me this cute cute hair tie. love it!

There is a true religion shop.

And I bet much much more.

So. I am saving up my monies to go to Vegas during fall break of 2010 between the days of October 15th-Oct 22nd.

Can’t wait.

After we planned that, we came to my palace and watched Couples Retreat. 

When it ended, I facebooked with my dear friend Nicki who happens to want me to move to Austin, Texas. I am just now learning how to do big hair Utah style. I can’t switch to do big hair Texas style. My bottle of hairspray would be officially dead sooner then I could say “U.G.L.Y. YOU AIN’T GOT NO ALIBI” to all the big haired gals.

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