Updated cute shots of me.

I was trying to stick my gut out. Hahaha.
Those are some True Religions I have on my booty.

Are you digging the hair? It’s just at the shoulders.
Dark is the way to go.
My sternoclidomastiod (neck muscles) is sticking out on both sides. 
Healthy? I wonder. 
This shot had some cute make-up but I ruined it with the “I am thinking about killing you face.” But anywho, I am not thinking about killing you, no worries. 
Maybe just my xbox. 
Look closely, there is a gun range target in the background!! 

I always wanted one of these. Ta-da!

Don’t you wish you were are FUNNY as me? I like my humor.
Don’t cha?

Oh, that song just started going through my head.
Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Don’t cha.

Just had to share a clip.


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