I miss the good ole days.

My puppy is a year in a half old. Where has the time gone? Where was I for all of it? My neighbor just got a little puppy, a Pomeranian or however you spell their names. It is the sweetest dog. They left their door unlocked so I could go in a give the puppy loves.

I wuv little puppies as I have a black lab bugging me right now, he’s an old man, my other neighbor’s dog who happens to smell like dog poop, which makes me even miss when Macie was a tiny little 4 pound puppy who couldn’t even do one stair. Oh, I miss those days.

Now she is just a spoiled rotten dog who loves other dogs thus why I always seem to have another dog at my house.

This is Icon King. I miss him dearly. He was and is Macie’s best friend. He past away this past summer. Never was he a bother. We love ya, Icon.

I can never see myself with cats. I will always be a dog person. Cats have litter boxes that make the house smell like litter. An old friend that I have lost contact with had cats. Their place always wreaked of smelly cat litter.

I like the companionship that dogs bring. Maybe I like companionship but I’m so glad Macie pee’s and poop’s outside. I do shovel her poop into the garbage but never does my house stink of poop.

Here comes the long years of owning dogs.


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