I am watching the Bachelor as we speak or as I type. My last break up shook me to my core. I questioned everything. I still am not fully healed from it nor should I be healed already. But that last break-up made me realize what I truly want in a boyfriend and even a future spouse.

I want a man who is devoted to his family, his religion, his job, me and his future family.
I want a man who has a good job.
I want a man who is willing to improve himself and is willing to help me improve myself.
I want a man who has a good sense of humor.
I want a man who has a strong testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
I want a man who is hardworking, passionate and caring.
I want a man who loves children.
I want a man who loves me as much as I love him.
I want a man who loves my dog and my blanket. Oh, yes, I still sleep with my blanket.
I want a man who won’t care that my frog is named after me and my ex.
I want a man who loves my hair however I do it.
I want a man who can say “Let’s just stay in tonight and watch a movie.”
I want a man who has good hygiene. Come on, brush your teeth morning and evening please and shower daily, well mostly daily, there are some exceptions.
I want a man who knows how to cook. I like to cook and I enjoy it but it would be nice to come home and have a meal prepared for me for once.
I want a man who will share household responsibilities.
I want a man that I can always laugh with, always cry on his shoulder, always know he is there.

I had this wonderful dream last night. It made me so happy. It actually allowed a clear mind to be mine when I woke this morning. It has kept me in a good mood. I actually haven’t wasted much thought on the thoughts that would place me in a bad mood.

I can honestly say I am moving on and that I don’t need that chain anymore. I have my own path ahead of me and I don’t need to be pulled through the grass trying to get to the other side.

Yes, I did change my blog one last time. The URL may change still but as of right now, I am sticking with this. You can stalk me. You can love on me. You can do what you want. There are a few who have found it and I am happy you did. I love the few that find my blog through my hidden facebook page.

This blog is me recording my silly thoughts, my insercure moments, the times I laugh at the stranger who is looking at me, the times that I have had crazy stalkers who think that every post is about them which it has never been except the fact that they called me ugly and I stated I would rather be ugly then willing to commit suicide over a guy but that is beside the point, but that post is now deleted but it was titled “Making Lemonade out of Lemons.”

My point is that this is my blog. I will talk about whom ever I please, I shall talk about whatever I please, I shall be a laughing stock of the block but I won’t care what others say.  This is the sassy, crazy and impatient Courtney coming out.

Love it or leave it.


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