Maybe I am naive.

Okay, here we go. I used to be dating this guy. Wow. I dated someone. Ha. Good jokes.

Okay, serious.

I was dating someone awhile ago who says they could read people’s minds and even mind talk to them.

So. My question is: Can someone really do that? This guy and I had a friendship before we dated or tried to date or whatever you want to call it so yes, he knew me BUT there would be times that we were busy with stuff and suddenly I would know I needed to call him as soon as I got the chance or I would be thinking about something and he would be like “yes, let’s go get some chocolate.”

Random stuff like that and now I seem crazy or naive or whatever.

But in all honesty, can someone really do that? Even after our falling out, I still know when he is thinking about me or if something bad has happened. There have been multiple times that I have known just when to contact him and vice versa.

It’s rather annoying I must say.

But really, can someone do that? This is where I do need a comment back, stalkers. 🙂


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