Awhile ago.

Awhile ago, I gave in.

I gave in to getting a UTARD number. Holy snap. Fiddle dee dee (the spelling bee contestant, okay inside joke between my mother and I)

You know what, Utah numbers stink. I dislike it already. 801-blah blah blah- blah blah blah blah. It doesn’t have any rhyme or beat or whatever you do to memorize it. There are too many stinking people in this here state that have taken all the good numbers. Like the ones that just flow.

Now, let me say, magic jack is a pain when all you have is a little macbook labtop. I had to go out and get a fatty computer thingy, I honestly don’t know what it’s called, have my cool smart smarter cousin install stuff on it and then give it back.

So this is the point of this post: I walked into University of Utah’s Surplus Store. I will be honest, I must’ve looked like a deer in the headlights.

There was a whole bunch of crap, I mean computer “crap” stuff in this building! I walk in. Stop and look around. I’m not a dumb girl when it comes to stuff but when it comes to computers, it’s like “hey, don’t tell me what that is because all I know is power turns it on, the mouse moves around, it types stuff, it can have key loggers placed on it, people can hack it (unfortunately, you may not, the little birdy is gone), I basically know how to use the computer applications once it is on. But i don’t know about how many ram’s my harddrive needs.

HELLO? I’m a cute girl not a computer girl. (oh, if you are a cute girl who knows computer, I am dearly sorry for saying you were not cute.)

So they call down this Richard dude. Now, being older then him by like a year, I felt really dumb and you could tell he was still in his awkward girl phase, really sad but anywhoo. He tells me what I need, THANK GOODNESS, cause I had already forgotten what I was coached into saying. We bring it (the computer basey thingy, I think) to the counter. He installs a harddrive with 5.2 gigs of ram (why do I know this? I do not know).

He hands my “sale” over to this other guy who also was YOUNGER THAN ME. I had totalled up my sale in my head already, it was supposed to be around $58. Cheap right? It came out to $48. Cheaper.

I didn’t ask questions except as I was leaving “Do I need a power cord?”

Of course, I need a power cord. Why did I ask it all stupidlly? I don’t know. I don’t care. I got my power cord and got out of there.

Now, the real question is, how did I get an extra $10 dollars off my computer?

Point Proven: I am cute, I don’t need ya’ll to tell me. 🙂 People asked if I shook what my mama gave me and I didn’t. So don’t bet thinking that I did.

P.S. Did you know that Magic Jack is named after two dogs, Magic and Jack? Random.

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