I love the radio.

Did you know I love the radio?

Well, I do. I love the radio when the good songs that make you just belt out the songs that are being played. I dislike the radio greatly right now. You know, those few songs that remind you of when you put your dog to sleep or when you were driving to the hospital to see your grandma for the last time or even the songs that remind you of that stupid boy just ruin the enjoyment of the radio.

I’ve learned to conquer that. I have all the stations organized by genre. Country are the 1st three buttons and then after that are the pop, alternative and hip to the hop stuff. If I’m in the mood for country, I just flip to another country station and if that station has those awful songs, I flip to another station. It works. Never have I had all 3 stations playing those awful songs I really truly wish not to hear.

I have to update my ipod. I’m tired of my country songs I have. I need new music all together. Help a sista out here?


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