When people surprise you.

It surprises me when people surprise you by being the opposite then what you ever thought they could be. Have you ever thought someone was more respectful when they just turn out to be a leech? They suck you dry and then leave you to either wither and die or gain strength from something after they have left you for dead?

Or have you ever had a friend that you thought you could trust with everything turn out to be the emotional vampire that just feeds you negative energy and emotionally drains you?

It’s so hard to be a positive person when you have the leeches around. Recently, I got rid of a leech, a terrible leech, a 5 year leech who almost sucked me dry. Never did I question the leech’s motives but the motives are clear now. They were sucking me dry until the point of death until I realized what this evil leech was doing.

My friend who lives out of state has had cancerous leechy friends also so she knows where I am coming from. They are hard to get rid of. But with a few threats, they surely do get the message to leave you alone and return your xbox.

Please return the xbox, you leech.

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