My papa and his buddies were in Salt Lake last night! It was so nice to see them! They ended up staying at a hotel up the road from me so my dad stayed here with me!

The selfish part of me says that my father and mother need to move down here but I can share with my sisters, nieces and nephews and other family members.

Today, I worked in the yard. Why do weeds sprout up during the winter? Isn’t it too cold for them or do they just like to get their roots throughout the dirt so when it comes time to pull them, you honestly can never get them out? I spent about an hour pulling weeds and replanting tulips. Oh my goodness. Tulips are sprouting everywhere in my yard! I didn’t plant any in the spots that they are sprouting!! Isn’t it crazy stuff? I’m so proud of how it’s turning out. I just can’t wait for it to bloom. I may pee my pants from the excitement from all the sweat I put into it to see some reward from it.

Since I had my papa here last night, I haven’t fully been able to get my house all together but I will. It’s a work in progress and it’s super close to being ready to be shown on the world wide web.

But until then, let me shower and then I’ll clean. Or maybe I will clean and then shower and then take pictures.

That’s the plan.

Posting of pictures today, I will do it!

Starting with cleaning of my room which means making of my bed.


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