This was going to be an I’m sorry blog but then I forgot what I was sorry about.

I’m sorry for forgetting.

But. There is this really cute guy at my Chiropractor’s office. Oh my goodness. My heart goes pitter patter every time I see him. The first time I talked to him, I was wearing AWFUL sweats and a pony ’cause this girl couldn’t drag herself get out of bed in time to shower before hand.

I’m sorry cute boy, that is what I was sorry for.

But this cute boy warms my heart. He goes to the Y, can’t blame him for his bad taste because he looks so cute, he likes good music and shoot, he plays tennis.

I’d like to overhand a ball at him. Ha. If I can even serve anymore.

I told you, I could use my racket well. =)

Man oh Man.

Can’t you tell I’m kinda wrapped up in the idea of this cute boy and I being friends? Ah. I’ll sneak a pic of him on Friday, cause that’s the next time I be seeing him!

Oh man, pitter pattering of the heart just started again!

Brown hair, brown eyes and a good personality, 6’0 and buff = a pitter patter in Courtney’s heart.

Okay, man those are all mostly physical things but there is THAT attraction at least.

On the road again, I can’t wait to get on the road again!


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