Well. With that behind us.

With that behind us, as in Valentine’s Day, it’s time to move on! Yahoo. I got a dead bird as a Valentine. Special gift, right? I got an actual male as a Valentine at 6 o’clock pm. His name, Joel. He goes to Central. We have a LOOOONG history as friends. But now, we are Valentines.

But I guess we aren’t now since the day has come and gone.

I have morning breath really bad.

I think it’s time to shower and wipe the fuzz off my teeth. It almost feels like my tongue is burned.

I think I said today is the weigh in day. Okay. Here it comes. 25 pounds. Yahoo. It is getting harder to loose these last 15 pounds which makes me happy that my goal date isn’t until May 15th.

But with that said, time to get up and get ready for the day!

Who wants a birdy for a Belated Valentine’s gift?

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