My Date.

So our night started with a drive to Draper to go to this one place. Man the burgers were good but shoot dawg, Draper? are you for real? Why not South Jordan or Salt Lake for sure. But it’s the closest one to me, man. I can’t bag on Draper, my chiro’s backyard faces the Temple and the Temple is there which is a beautiful Temple.

We made a mess enjoying our food. I got a number two animal style, what what!

We then went to the Whisper Dome. Man oh Man, it’s a great place. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We recorded ourselves on my phone. We were so dang funny, every time I replayed it with her in the car, we almost peed our pants. I will try to figure out a way to put them on here. It is funny.

Our movie was sold out in two theaters, stupid couples, so we went shopping! Shopping at Victoria’s Secret. It was fun. I found a friend who works there! She transferred to Weber State to do the teaching program there. I was kinda intrigued about what she’s doing because it’s such a fast program over there. I was shocked and kinda jealous.

We came home for our date and planned another one. 🙂


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