It’s really funny

I had to get up early to head down to South Jord for a Chiropractor appointment with my two former bishops ago brother-in-law but I really don’t have any motivation to get up, get in the shower and get ready. It’s Friday for goodness sakes. Let me enjoy it.

Oh hey now, I get to go there 4 times a week. Fab-u-lous. Really, besides seeing my family, I have no reason, need nor want to be in South Jord, it’s just too much gas to be driving there. 27 mpg is good and all by thats 8 gallons right there. ooh, except to drive past south jord and head into IKEA. uhmm…oh boy….addictive.

But he is a really good chiropractor. I approve. Want his information, I’ll share. Integrated Wellness. South Jordan Utah. Head west as you get off the freeway. After you go over Jordan River, you take your first left. Then your first right. It’s next to Zupas. Insurance is a wonderful thing.

I’ve still be watching my tracker like a hawk. It’s funny to watch people return and return again to a blog without commenting on it. I just want to start calling you all bloggy stalkers because you all are which I am fine with. You have found my blog over and over again after I have switched it to try and stay secret.

Must mean I’m important to ya, right?

I must be doing something right if all ya’ll keep coming back for more…. right?

I’ve decided that I need a get away. I need to escape to a place with little snow. I need a sunny warm place cause as I look out my window, I see snow falling. WHAT? Recently, I’ve become a two post a day gal, why? Cause I have ideas coming out of my bum. Like recipes or craft ideas or stories about having to clean closets out because they smell like throw up and many more. But I’m trying to resist.

I have an awesome date tonight. It’s the 3rd one. I don’t really know what is planned but as long as we get out of SLC, I’ll be grand. I think we are going down to South Jordan, probably to that amazing movie theater, Jordan Commons, right?, to see When in Rome, like at 7:55. Okay, that sounds like a good plan. Haha. I just made the plans.

Wanna join us there? You all are invited. I’ll be wearing some big star jeans with some black pumas, my hair back combed to look like a texan, with probably a purple lucky jacket on. Probably wearing my sassy glasses too. Does that sound like a cute outfit? Help me out here!

Hey, I made peace with this girl who I used to hold a grudge with, or at least I tried. I feel so much better having that lifted off my shoulders. But I need to shower, boo. I hate the effects of getting undressed because you get cold then to getting out of the shower and getting cold all over again. I want to towel warmer. Hey valentine, wanna get me that? oh wait, it’s myself and I’m saving up for a stupid dvd player, a computer desktop crapper thing (a terminal I think) and still adding to my savings. What the heck. How am I gonna survive? haha.

I’m on season 4 of SA the C.

Oh man, it’s addictive.


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