My Dream Clothes.

Okay, I love Lucky. Lucky Brand Jeans is one of my favorite brands. The Jackets fit me so well. They are the perfect fit, weight, cut, and everything above. I have 5 Lucky Jackets already. I think my closet may start to hate me.

Ed hardy. Oh my goodness. The price kills. I have a couple of things from Ed Hardy. It make me so happy when I either find Ed Hardy pieces at Costco and or TJ Maxx. One of my favorite tops is a purple and has a butterfly on it. It says “Life Love Luck.”

These are my favorite jeans. I love them. The stitching is so lovely. Oh. Man. I have 3 pairs. They are all too big but man, they are the most comfortable jeans ever. They make your butt look so good. Instant butt lift. Oh yeah. 🙂

Sevens Jeans are too die for also. My sisters got me hooked at a young age, like 16. There are so many different styles, colors and shapes that there isn’t a pair that won’t work for you? Dojos are my favorite because they are wide legged. I have a couple of pairs of bootcut with the traditional sevens pocket and they stretch and become the sisterhood of the traveling pants to your own body.

Puma speed cats. I have black and brown. They give you an extra bounce in your step. Oh, I love it. Need I say more?


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