She glared at me,

so I glared back.

’nuff said.

Next week, I will try to be nicer.

Time to study for my strengthening families classes. We are talking about how cohabiting before marriage ruins marriages and a little bit about divorce.

Test time tomorrow. Boo. But when it comes to this stuff, I’m actually really interested in it.

“Who knew that an unhappy marriage can increase your chances of getting sick by roughly 35% and even shorten your life by an average of 4 years. People who are happily married live longer than those who stay married unhappily.”

Whoa there turbo. More reason for me to find Mister Hottie Mic Hottie and live happily ever after. I want to live a long life. I’m already left handed so I’m already destined to die earlier so I need all the help I can get.

“In unhappy marriages a feedback loop develops between the four horsemen and the failure of repair attempts The more contemptuous and defensive the couple is with each other, the more flooding occurs, and the harder it is to hear and respond to a repair. And since the repair is not heard, the contempt and defensiveness just get heightened, making flooding more pronounced, which makes it more difficult to hear the next repair attempt, until finally one partner withdrawals….. The failure of repair attempts is an accurate marker for an unhappy future.”

“And yet divorce can so often be predicted by listening to a single conversation between newlyweds.” Ah, really?

Holy snap. Seriously, Good thing I’m taking my sweet ole time. John Gottman, from Seattle, is seriously so smart. Maybe when I am actually dating someone, I’ll take him there to meet John.

Mr. Right? Where are you?


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