Weekend so that so greatly needed.

This week has been a long one.

One Monday’s and Wednesday’s, I go to an elementary school to tutor. It’s two hours a week that I am helping out the community through my school. I dread going not because I have to tutor but because there is someone there that without any words spoken, there are glares exchanged. I didn’t have a chance to do something wrong and I get the stink eye, twice a week.

I won’t ever meet this individual and perhaps that is for the best but come on, give a gal a chance to become on your bad side. I can’t say I’m cuter or skinner or smarter because I don’t know the person and that would be wrong of me to judge but the stink eye just confirms that yes, there is one person in this world who does not like me for who knows why. I’ve done plenty of dumb things.

Plenty of them have included this blog-er-roo but there is no chance that this person can be ticked off about me talking about my tutoring experiences. The clothes I wear aren’t new so that can’t be an issue. I don’t have a natural pretty hair color so that can’t be it either. I have never spoken a word to this person. I cannot honestly pinpoint what the heck is up with that stink eye. Two days until I get to receive it again. Maybe I’ll smile and say hi? I’ve been thinking about this for the 2 weeks I have been going to this school. This is why this week was so long.

Tuesday, I dyed my hair again. I think that is one of the things I can control so I change it whenever I get the chance.

Already told you about Wednesday.

Thursday, I got up at the butt crack of dawn. I took my dear little puppy to become an it. I spent all day cleaning my house. AND then I pick her up and she throws up in my car….. pees on my rug….. and throws up on my cousin’s blanket. Needless to say, I am tired.

I’m going to South Jord to play again, tonight. It’s a sex and the city night. Almost done with season one. I started 2 weeks ago but then my parents came into town and I didn’t have a Friday night sex and the city party.

Saturday, I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Sunday. Dinner in South Jord again. If I had a million dollars, I’d buy a house in Alpine Crossing in South Jord and live there content for the rest of my life. The house, you may wondering, would be the Carrara. Here is the link. The model is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love it. Too bad it is sold and like $900,000. Maybe in my next life, when teachers make a lot of money.



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