I’m in a Strengthening Families Class.

Yeah, it’s a joke. I’m getting my minor in Human Development. I’m not married, I’m not dating and yet i’m in a class that is all about strengthening marriage, families and children lives.

I’m sitting in this class right now. We are talking about commitment. I’ve decided I have commitment issues. I had a great childhood. I have great parents, great grandparents, great siblings to look up to but the past dating relationships that I have had have scarred me for a long time.

I have amazing brother-in-laws, 6 of them to 5 sisters but that is another story, I look up to how to treat my sisters. One sister that I would say I am the closet to has a great husband that I see and hear about whenever I talk to my sister. He is the best dad that any child could have. He is the most hardworking husband ever. He makes sure his family is provided for. He makes time for his hobbies but makes sure his family is okay first. He is the best husband that my sister could have. Every time I see them together, I see her eyes light up when she sees him. I see the smile she has. I see her happy and for any little sister, that is the ultimate happiness because her big sister is happy.

I see their relationship and I want what they have.

I know that one day, I will. It will just be about finding who are the frogs and who is the one and only prince.

One day at a time plus many frogs equals one amazing prince.

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