I haven’t been in the mood to blog lately…

I haven’t been in the mood to blog because there is nothing worthwhile to blog about.

Except that I got a dog-gone cute sofa, a new dresser, a new table and a new tv. Oh Yah, Right?

I now have a family room and a living room and just a one bedroom house. I have two kitchen tables though…. uhmmm….

Have you ever felt that you are living in a gigantic pig sty? Like living in a studio apartment with the walls closing in on you because there is sooo much to put away and yet you don’t know excatly where anything goes yet because it was just you and now it’s two other people plus two animals? Ah..

I think anyone person should not have 4 boxes of christmas decorations, yet I do. What a freaking crack head, am I? I just love it, I guess.

Once the house is back in order, I’ll post pictures. I’ll post pictures of my two bedroom house. I’ll update you on my life. I’ll put on that smiley face that you would rather not see because then that would show that I am indeed happy with my life. I will rock them skinny jeans without my hairband around the button keeping my pants up, cause baby, I don’t need that. I am, you know what it is, HAPPY.


Oh yeah, my savings account is going up up up!! I don’t know if I told you, bloggy friends, that increasing my savings account was a goal for the year but it is. I’m doing really well, I’m buying just what I need and not helping others out, as much and saving the rest. It’s been glorious.

Okay, happy? I updated. I’m still really happy with my life. I’m still digging them skinny jeans. Except, I would like to wake up 2.5 years from now. School would almost be DONE! My life would be all in order and everything that could be getting me down will be gone.

Holla! at yah boy.


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