Dirt. Dirt. Dirt.

I love my animal. I do. I love her to pieces. I think she’s sweet, precious and just a perfect part to my little family.

Except she’s so dirty.

Like the digging.

Like the burrowing bones in the dirt in the fall and when the snow starts to melt, going out and finding those oh so special bones.

Like bringing in the oh so special bones caked in dirt and leaving dirt puddles all over my house.

Like the fact she likes to then bury her bones in my fluffy clean bedding.

You. Know. What?


That’s it. Dogs are gross. But dogs are much better company then other animals, birds= gross, cats = stinky.

I guess I can deal with gross. Sweeping a couple times a week, vacuuming a couple times a week can solve all my problems, i guess.

I love her.


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