So I cut my hair.

I cut my hair. I cut about 6 inches off. It’s right at my shoulders. Short peppy hair ponies. I styled it all super cute and then I looked outside and it’s flipping snowing!

I am so mad.

It’s really easy to do. Except I’m not digging it in a pony as much. Takes like 2 minutes to blow dry (compared to the 15 before).

But man, I have a lot of thick hair. It took the hair lady 25 stinking minutes to blow dry it but it’s because she did it section by section. Oh, She loved the color I use to dye my hair. Said it looked professional. Yah baby.

Back in the saddle with new hair, new make-up, and a new attitude.

“I am a Terry Girl. I am way better and way stronger than any man. I make the man and the man does not make me.” -Mandy, the best sister, friend and mom in the world. Yes, that’s right.

It’s pretty sweet, I already got me a date for Saturday night. Oh yeah.

Okay, after school, I’ll do the do super cute, a little backcomb here and there and touch up the face and snap a couple of photos. It’s the first time in a long time that my hair is this SHORT. I am digging it. I may go shorter eventually.

Later on Tuesday,

BAD HAIR AFTERNOON. YIKES. It’s being my typical self, stubborn. Pffff. What is new.


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