It’s been a great day.

Earlier I posted that I could only go up from the spot i’m in and boy, that was true. Today has been great. I loved every minute of it. I got things done that I needed to get done. I worked until I got sick. I came home, I laid in bed. Heard some awesome news. Now, I’m just taking it easy, this awesome guy is on his way over and we are going to watch a movie. Who knew things could go uphill so fast.

Dance like nobody is watching; love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth.

I have to say. Having things go downhill so fast and having them come up faster is amazing. I am loving it.

The twinkle is never lost. If anything, you are repairing it by doing this. I am grateful for this experience. I know that there is life, love, enjoyability, excitment and everything else out there because I’m so raw right now. I’m feeling every bit of the emotions. The negative ones don’t matter. The neediness in me is gone. Thank you. I can’t thank you enough. Already, 30 hours later, I am a new woman. A little Birdie is gone. I am looking back and I savor every moment that I have had. The good ones. The bad ones. I just am smiling. I don’t have to sit in my shower anymore. I don’t need to.

The twinkle in my eye is back. It’s back because I realized that it doesn’t matter about the outside world. It matters what is inside. It matters what the core of the reason I have my twinkle. It matters on what I feel. I can’t control how others feel. But I for sure know how I feel and I will always savor this feeling. It’s bitter, it’s sweet, it’s breathable. It makes me want to live. It makes me want to dance through the streets of Salt Lake City, on I-80, on I-215, in the isles of pet smart, in Smith’s Marketplace. I just want to dance. It makes me want to sing “Right Round” throughout the U campus. I don’t care. Read my blog. Try to bring down this high. You can’t. You just can’t.

Okay. It’s dance off time.
So What by Pink is playing. Gotta go rock out.



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