Who is who?

Whose Gilbert, Arizona?

Whose Draper, Utah?

Whose S. Jord, Utah?

Whose Boise, Idaho?

I would like to become friends with all ya’ll.

Hi Layton, I’m glad we have a class together.
Hi Provo, I miss you in Nutrition.
Hi Snohomish, I miss you and love you. I’m pretty sure you have the smartest daughter.
Hi Bothell, I’m not sure why you still look at my blog but I’m highly flattered.
Hi Jess, I can’t spell the city your in, my mind is cloudy with a chance of snot,
well even if it wasn’t, I doubt I could spell it. Just cause.
Hi another SLC, school wouldn’t be the same.
Hi another SLC, I think life would be dull if you weren’t my buddy and if we hadn’t met in my ward.

Well, I have said this many times before, I have more bloggy stalkers then bloggy followers and who gives a hoot? I just would like to make my bloggy stalkers turn into bloggy stalker buddies. Is that possible? I would certainly like to try.

As I said about Jessica, there is cloudy with a chance of snot in my mind. I have not gone to the doctor since one came to me back in July while I was in MEXICO! I had to get two shots in my BUM (did you think I was going to say arm, I wish) with a hot medic standing in the room. Pretty much killed me right then and there. Still haven’t recovered. But…. for the past week, I have had lack of a voice, shoot, my friends aren’t complaining, and now, it’s green. I’ve been attacked with green snot! How disgusting. I find myself disgusted with the mucus coming out of my body.

But…. I made a doctors appointment, yes that’s how gross it is, for tomorrow at 1:30.

This cloudy with a chance of snot mind is going to take a rest. Eat some Mac and Cheese with peas in it and blow the nose.

I hope ya’ll enjoy your day, you know I will. šŸ™‚


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