I didn’t have any better to write about.

It’s been one of those weeks. Where you don’t exactly understand all that is going on around you. It’s been a week of limbo. I haven’t started school but I’m working. I haven’t been here, in Utah, for two weeks so coming back to an empty routine was weird. I haven’t had to get into the swing of things, which is very strange for me. I did two weeks without make-up, with wearing sweats everyday. Man, that was glorious. Then I came home to Utah, applied some make-up, threw the hair up in a pony, threw on some sweats and went on my merry way. Two days later, I decided that I would try to do my hair, make-up and wear clothing. By Thursday, I didn’t get up until 1ish, did my hair, my make-up, wore actually clothing and went to work. Boy, it was a struggle.

I’ m annoyed with my classes already. Only one has posted our books that we need to buy… YES, that means I don’t know what books to buy!!! Gosh. It’s plenty annoying.

Oh, as I’m typing this, I’m having vertigo attacks. Have you ever been sitting still and the room spins? Or laying down with your eyes closed and you feel like you are attached to a spinning saucer that would like you to toss your breakfast, lunch and even dinner? It’s the second time today that this has happened to me. First, I was still in bed, before 1, and I was just relaxing with my eyes closed and the room just started spinning out of the blue. It spun me around and around for about 25 minutes. Good thing I had had a smaller sized breakfast.

I’m probably boring you with my boring life. But that is my life. Boring. That is it. I’m going home to make some headbands today. Fabulous!


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