You know that at my parents house,

I have a Whinnie the Pooh room, right?


I do.

I’m debating on if I want to keep it that way or change it. What’s your opinion?

Now, this is my parent’s master bathroom. It’s a GIANT space with an ugly bath tub, I mean, HOT TUB, in it. There is a story about this bath room.

Okay, you pulled my teeth long enough, I will tell. This bathroom has an eight person hot tub in it. The door to the bathroom is a glass door, not the typical door considering the door to the closet from the bathroom is wood. The bathroom has two sky lights, 2 windows, and 2 walls full of mirrors (besides cabinets).

Can you tell what I am getting at? This house was a house of a former SWINGER family. We have our own furniture so it’s not a problem but if you were to sit in the diseased hot tub, you had a perfect view of the rest of the hot tub using mirrors, windows, and the skylights and even the bedroom…. Scandalous, I know.

Too bad the hot tub is being removed. It was such a wonderful sight to see when you walked in to the bathroom, can’t you tell?

Oh, don’t you just love the painting too? Really, people?


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