I’m just full of fun things.

So. I like to dye hair. I have had blonde hair (8 years of my life), I’ve had brown, blonde and purple streaks, I’ve had dark brown, I have had light brown.

Right as I type, I have hair dye dying my hair. I forgot how long it’s been on my head, whoops, so it may be darker then what I hope it to be.

But here. Here are the photos of my amazingness, thanks to my dear sister!!

Yes, I’m a professional. Oh, the fruit behind the hair dye smells delicious. It’s to die for. It’s fake. That’s the secret.

See. Still Professional.

Do you see my cool tool that I use to squish all the guts out of the tube of dye? Ya baby.

I took my x-mas tree down. I’m figuring out how to arrange my furniture now. Humdeehumhum.

I finally uploaded Whinnie the pooh photos to my computer. I will share. Soon.


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