New Year and a New Introduction.

Hi. My name is Courtney, as you all may have figured out by now. I am pleased to meet you. I am a college student who attends the University of Utah and is planning on being a 1st grade teacher, as long as I survive the college years.

I have a year old scottie dog named “Sister Macie Doodles” AKA Macie. She is brindle which is brown and has gray hairs already, probably due to the fact of living with me. JOKE.

I am the youngest in my family. I have the wonderful opportunity to have 5 older sisters, 6 brother-in-laws, 19 nieces and nephews (6 of them I have adopted into my family, Nichole’s and Jen’s). I have a little brother who is a year old. Okay, he is a scottie,too. My family has a crazy history that I shall not bore you with nor confuse you with, heavens knows I confuse myself every time I keep with with how many nieces and nephews I have.

I am a very clean person. I like to cook. I am a cuddler. I love my sleep. I think that coffee is smells delicious but you could never catch me drinking it. I am LDS, I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Anyone who knows what song was going through my head when I wrote that? I am crafty. I get frustrated easily. I am not that patient. When things get hard, I fight back. Sometimes not in the most positive way but I fight. I was born with that gene and that gene will stay with me until the death.

Oh, and I have an opinion on everything. But I’m learning to keep my mouth shut on things when people don’t want to hear my opinion.

I sometimes think money grows on trees. Shameful. I know. But man, it would be great if it did.

As I pack to begin my journey to the mother-ship, I am thinking about my goals or things I would like to strive for during this year.

My goals are: Saving money. Exsercising more or getting rid of the holiday bulge. Gain patience and trust. I’m pretty sure those things, if I try, will come easily this year. Except for saving money, that may be like pulling teeth.

Follow me. On my journey to accomplishing my goals. I can’t say it will be fun.

Happy 2010!!!


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