Mybe she reads this but if she does, she does.

There is one person that I used to be great friends with got a boyfriend.

What the heck.

You know, I’m happy that your happy but shoot girl, you don’t ditch all your friends for a boy.

Am I right?

Then when she hears I’m happy with how my life is going, that I’m busy and enjoying every minute of it, she deletes me as a friend off facebook.

Yes, I know, facebook.

She has always been the girl to one up you. If you are having a rough minute, she’s had a rough hour. If you just got dumped, her (ex) boyfriend just dumped her after he cheated on her. Not that those are what happened between us but you can see the one upping action that goes on.

If you do read my blog, I wish you the best. I hope you are happy. Good luck with your future.


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