my non human child wanted to go to bed…so i blog.

dear december 31,
i’ll be better next year.

dear 2010,
i can’t wait. come soon

dear uofu,
i would appreciate some classes in the morning please. it would help dearly with the job i have.

dear bed,
i love you. you are my safe haven. my comfy place.

dear friends,
thank you for always being there for me and taking care of me.

dear pei wei,
you sure do make for a delicious dinner and next day lunch!

dear cafe rio,
where would i be if i didn’t have your delicious pork burrito or pork salad. now, maybe this year, if i call an order in, please leave out the pico. cilantro doesn’t sit well. ’nuff said.

dear hair,
i’m sorry i did a weather switch on you. please stay curly forever. i love it.

dear christmas grumps,
go spread your grump-i-ness to the animals. we people who enjoy the holiday would appreciate it.

dear chiropractor,
yes. i get to see your money stealing face very soon.

dear toes,
stop! at least i took the polish off. unlike your buddies the nails.

dear week,
it’s going to be a bitter sweet week.

dear dentist,
don’t’ cause me too much pain. i don’t know if i can handle it.


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