Christmas Came and Went So Fast

I cannot believe Christmas came and went so fast. Christmas was so much fun this year even though every year it’s fun but this year, I focused more on being a help to my mother, a friend to my sisters and an aunt to my nieces because I cherish the time with them a whole bunch more now that I live oh, 880 miles away.

I have to say, I have the best sisters in the world. Each one is so different yet each one of their differences is a strength to another sister, if that makes sense. I am so grateful that I was born into a family where I get to have 5 instant friends. I don’t know if any of my sisters wouldn’t fight to the death for another one. It’s great thanks to one of my sisters that I have the confidence to sell my headbands, clips and broaches. Thanks Sister.

Christmas. The presents I received were so sweet. Not that Christmas is about presents but it’s so sweet. One of my sisters got me a sweet deal red mango card. Another one got me a kick butt smelling lotion, man, it makes me want to eat myself (I wore it to church on Sunday and man, I was in heaven all day.), heehee. Another one got me a totally adorable hair tie (the ones that are the two balls the you swap through each other, it was juicy) which totally fits me and my personality. My sweet parents got me some pants, which I need, a freaking cute hat, mario kart for the wii (I cannot wait to play), perfume and some other stuff that is needed for the house. I got I think every kind of pan for cooking. I can make bread, little muffins, all different types of pans. I got a stock pot which I needed terribly. I make this WONDERFUL caramel pie. It is to die for. Maybe, I will share the recipe.

I’m ready for cooking all different types of nummy food. My first food is going to be Pei Wei’s Mongolian Beef. My dessert will be Sugar Cookies. Okay. Sounds ghetto but it is my Grandma’s original recipe. Not very often do you have a recipe that is created and made by your close family members and is so nummy.

Yum Yum Yum


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