My List Of Things to Do.

Everyone does these at one point in their life. It has taken me longer.

1. Graduate High School.
2. Participate in a triathlon
3. Go to Mexico.
4. Road trip
5. Go hiking
6. Graduate from College
7. Become a mother, I kinda am one to Macie…..
8. Get married in the temple.
9. Buy a house and decorate it how ever I darn well please.
10. Go to Australia
11. Go to the Bahamas
12. Cliff jumping!
13. Dye my hair a freaking awesome color: Purple streaks.
14. Go to the Hawaii Temple
15. Take a tour of the church history sights
16. Be the tannest white person ever, at least for my skin coloring.
17. Paint a house.
18. Change a tire on a car.
19. Sleep outside with no tent.
20. Travel to all 50 states.
21. Swap houses with someone.
22. Fly Kites
23. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
24. Apply to be on the Bachelorette.
25. Convert one person to the gospel.
26. Donate Blood
27. Go see my cousin, she’s a princess in England, only problem, we haven’t met.
28. Make a scarf to donate to a homeless shelter.
29. Reuse Water Bottles
30. Save money.
31. Make blankets to give to a children’s hospital.
32. Go to Disneyworld, again.
33. Go to New York.
34. See a broadway play.
34. Shop on Rodeo Drive.
35.Milk a cow.
36. Have chickens!!!!!! YAHOOO. Farmer.
37. Spend 4th of July on a boat.
38. Laugh whenever it’s possible
39. Behave like my Grandmother would.
40. Love everyone.
41. Say please and thank you whenever it’s possible.
42. Be the best mother that I can possibly be.
43. Go to the Sweden
44. Visit as many temples as I can.
45. Have a garden.
46. Dance in a garage.
47. Ride trax all around Utah.
48. Go to Park City during the film festival.
49. Adopt a pet from the shelter.
50. Fall madly and helplessly in love.


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