My Dream House

This may look like a p.o.s. but I see potential in this house. This house is so beautiful. I love the stained glass. I love the look of this house. I am simply amazed by it’s beauty. When we were walking back to my car from temple square, Steve and I saw it and I fell in complete love with it.

Guess what?

It’s for sale. The only problem. $$$$$$ and that it is a fixer upper. I don’t have the money or the skills to do a complete remodel.

That house, my future house, is sitting there. Waiting for me. Mannn, oh Mannn. I’ve had dreams about it every night since I saw it.

Maybe down the road. I picture it being red with the peak insides (what’s that stuff called? Shingles?) being white. With a white door. The trim? I haven’t decided yet. A white picket fence with a gate where the stairs lead up. It’s just perfect!

NOTE: Just to clarify: this is not the Steve that you are thinking it is. This is a Steve from the frats that hang out with my sorority. I’m deeply sorry for the confusion.

2 thoughts on “My Dream House

  1. HEY! Random question: If I remember right, you did an internship with del sol in Hawaii? I'm thinking about doing it and just wanted to talk to you about it a little.

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